January 21, 2013

A Pack Of Wolves by @EricSBrown75 @GrandMalPress

A Pack of Wolves
Title: A Pack Of Wolves
Author: Eric S. Brown
Publisher: Grand Mal Press
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Format: E-Book
Price: $3.99

5 Skulls

'The Family' are harbingers of death; they bring it fast and in your face. If they get your scent then your demise is soon to follow. They take the jobs no one else can and enjoy it. When one of their own breaks from the pack, they must regroup and take him, and the demons that follow him, out in order to protect The United States.

Eric S. Brown is considered 'The King of Zombies'. That very well may be true but if 'A Pack Of Wolves' is any indication he is also king of horror westerns.

My first foray into Mr. Brown's world of 'Old West' horrors was intense, bloody, and funny. Before reading this novella, I was never a fan of werewolves (Well maybe, Stephen King's 'Silver Bullet') but when they are handled with such brutality and care, I can't help but fall in love with these creatures.

'The Family' is a pack of werewolves roaming the west and taking jobs that most consider suicide. The author blends the old world, demons, sorcery, werewolves, and cowboy action seamlessly.

After the first page, Mr. Brown's pack of creatures sunk their claws deep into my skull, pulling me into their world and before I knew it the wild ride was over.

Thankfully the author continued the story of 'The Farr Family' in "A Pack Of Wolves 2: Skyfall"(stay tuned for my review)
I cannot stress enough how much fun this was and that is due to the author's writing style of including no filler or superficial prose. He brings the gory gangrenous meat when it comes to 'A Pack Of Wolves'.

Consider me the newest member of the 'Eric S. Brown Fan Club'.