January 15, 2013

Lucha Gore: Scares From The Squared Cirlce by @CruentusLibri

Lucha Gore
Title: Lucha Gore: Scares From The Squared Circle
Editor: Kevin G. Bufton
Publisher: Cruentus Libri Press (Twitter)
Authors: Ed Ferrara|Terry Alexander|Patrick MacAdoo|Frank Larnerd|James Gardner|Andrew G. Dombalagian|Jody Neil Ruth|Paco|Kevin G. Bufton|Naching Kassa|Travis I. Sivart|Steven Gepp|S. Carter Eberly|Kerry G.S. Lipp|Jay Wilburn|J.T. Wilson
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Format: E-Book
Price: $1.99

5 Skulls

"Lucha Gore" is a horror anthology based around pro wrestling as a theme. This collaboration is packed with sixteen stories sure to please horror and wrestling fans alike. I'll highlight my favorites from this collection but rest assure all the stories are worth the price of admission.

Gig Marks by Ed Ferrara

A veteran wrestler is haunted by mistake from his past that cause the death of a rookie looking for guidance. Mr. Ferrara's short delves into the unfortunate aspect of professional wrestling; injuries and death.
In 'Gig Marks' the main character is stalked by "The Kid", an avenging spirit from the past seeking revenge.

The main character knows that his time is short and eventually he faces up to his past mistake.

'Gig Marks' is a fun haunting read that I enjoyed thoroughly.

Zombie Night Mayhem by Terry Alexander

The zombie apocalypse ravages society but as a species we fought back. Now zombies are used as a form of entertainment and Derrick McKnight is about to take it to another level.

One night, two rings, three wrestlers, and a shit load of zombies. The survivors will split ten million dollars. Mr. Mcknight allows viewers to bet on who will survive and get the most kills as well. Everything is set for showtime but The Zombie Coalition will not stand by as harmless zombies are abused.

I found 'Zombie Night Mayhem' to be a fun read with a mix of action and gore.

Overall 'Lucha Gore: Scares from the Squared Circle' was fun to read especially since it combines two of my favorite things; horror and wrestling.