December 13, 2012

Vicious by @bryanalaspa

Title: Vicious
Author: Bryan W. Alaspa
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Format: E-Book
Publisher: SalGad Publishing Group
Length: 254 pages
Price: $3.63

5 Skulls

Canis lupus familiaris, better know as a dog, has evolved into more than just an animal. They are now man's best friends. I have a Chocolate Labrador that means everything to me and can't bare to think about when he's gone. 'Vicious' by Mr. Alaspa showcases the brutal side of our furry friends and it makes for a horrific read. With shades of King's 'Cujo' 'Vicious' hits all the right notes.

Jeremy Liden, a successful author, invites his friends to his vacation house deep in the wilderness of Wisconsin, but what they find and endure there is more gruesome and terrifying than they expected.

The author based these ferocious beasts after the Presas Canarios
dogs and at the time of reading I was unaware of this breed. After doing some research on the breed, All I can say is Mr. Alaspa chose a perfect specimen for this novel. What the author is trying to convey in this work is that dogs aren't born evil or bad. They are a victims of depraved individuals.

Also of note, the author includes two endings. One which he wrote originally and the one that was published. Both are good endings for the story but I prefer the one that was published.

'Vicious' is my first time reading the author and I was blown away! Gritty,gory,dark, and filled with terror; it will keep you awake long after reading.

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