January 31, 2013

Miranda's Spam

Miranda's Spam
Prompt: + Begin with a woman…and end with a man. via Michael Arnzen(gorelets.com)

     An open envelope rested on the coffee table. Tucked inside were three gel capsules, each a different color. Miranda sat on the couch, still wearing her no frills pink nighty. As she read the typed letter, Miranda's apprehension faded. It would be simple; the green pill with breakfast, blue with lunch, and the red one should be taken three minutes before bed.

Fifteen is a rough age for girls, especially when you live in the wrong part of town and your parents aren't well off. The braces and pimples added fuel to fire; another reason for the popular girls to bully her.

Miranda 'Maggy' Kuntz was tired of it all and often contemplated suicide, she felt trapped in her own body and the only escape was death. That was until she found the strange email in her spam folder. It claimed to rejuvenate the body overnight and for the low price of thirty dollars. Under the assumption that she was purchasing acne medicine, her mom approved the order.

With her mom out of town on a business meeting for the weekend, Maggy would have the house to herself. Sausage and biscuits for breakfast, would be a great choice along with the green capsule. Impatient and eager to see the change, she followed the green pill  with the blue then red. Satisfied with her decision, Miranda retreated to the living room. An hour of relaxing in front of the television before she started cleaning would give the medicine time to settle, or so she thought.

Watching TV, little Maggy fell into slumber laden with disturbing dreams and memories. Visions of scantly clad women undressing in front of her before being ripped apart from the inside played in a loop throughout her dreams. An odd sensation jolted her from the crazy dreams.

Shaking the fog of dreams and nightmares away, Miranda notices the odd sensation still present between her legs. Hands probing under her panties; Maggy is surprised to find she now had a penis.