August 29, 2012

Visual Dare 20: Cascade @Angela_Goff

Cascade via Donna McNicol


Rain water falls on the roof of the little shack. It follows the slope of the tin and trickles into jugs on the ground. Maldric sits watching, waiting to replace them; his attention drifting back to Annie, the ambiguous red-headed warrior, who entered into his life months ago.

"Hey Annie, I think the blade is sharp enough."  he said removing a full jug, capping it, and putting an empty one in its place.

Annie sitting,under the skeleton of an oak tree, continued her task without pause. "It can never be sharp enough."

"You're weird", he said, joking.

This is a continuation of Five Sentence Fiction - Night, Five Sentence Fiction - Blush, and Visual Dare 19: Depth
The above is my entry in the Visual Dare hosted by AnonymousLegacy. Each week you are given a prompt and must write a 100 word story based on the prompt.


  1. Love it when writers string their flash fiction entries into consecutive episodes - takes some thought!! Love the building tension here. The jug-filling and replacing seems to be its own sort of ticking clock. :)

  2. Oh, I like this! Especially that first paragraph. Each sentence was vivid and beautiful!