August 5, 2012

25th #SatSunTails : "You Are What You Snort"


"You Are What You Snort" is my entry into 24th #SatSunTails contest. The rules are simple write a story within 150 words based on the given picture prompt along with the written prompt.

The prompts:
The following may be used as a sentence in your story OR provide a basis for it:-

   “cochineal line/s”
And here is the picture prompt:

You Are What You Snort
"Come on James," urged Michael, placing a small mirror on the table, "you have to try a cochineal line."

James considered himself an artist when it came to drug use, but this new narcotic mystified him. He had read articles online and heard the buzz around school but now he would be able to try it himself.

"Remember man," cautioned Michael, pouring out three lines of red powder on the mirror, "Snort, swallow, cough, and repeat."

It was derived from the cochineal insect and a combination of wild flowers. Users experienced changes in eye and mucous color but the best part was; it would get you high,

James, always looking for the next high; snorted,swallowed,and coughed his way through the three crimson colored lines.

"You took that like a champ," Michael acknowledged, snorting up any excess powder, "Want another line?"

James coughed exploding into crimson dust; giving everything back. 
Words: 150