July 13, 2012

The Tunnel by Michael K. Rose (@MichaelKRose) #BuyIndie

 Title: The Tunnel

Author: Michael K. Rose
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Format: E-book
Length: 3,000 words/12 pages
Price: $0.99

Buildings,houses, and other places become obsolete over time. The energy from past events within these now defunct dwellings remain and grow tiresome of neglect. Sometimes these energies reach out and make contact. 

"The Tunnel", a short story within Michael K. Rose's collection titled "Short Stories" uncovers one of these  dwellings eager to leave and experience new things. 
A well crafted and unique perspective for a supernatural tale and Rose pulls it off with chilling accuracy. With each page the setting became real to me and I soon found myself fearing what the main character would find in the depths of the darkness.

"The Tunnel" is a sleeper of a hit in "Short Stories"(my review) and with each read  it is sneaking its way up to being the favorite of the collection.