July 14, 2012

The Zombie Show by Gerald Dean Rice(@GeraldRice) #BuyIndie

Title: The Zombie Show
Author: Gerald Dean Rice
103 pages

The zombie apocalypse has ended and the world is on the mend. Zombies still exist but they are few and far between. Nefarious cartel leader Mazatlan, has risen to the top of Mexico's underworld, and synthesized a strain of the zombie virus(NMX-13). He uses the zombies as entertainment providing fights and live zombie sex shows. Agent Green is undercover with one objective on his mind; kill the elusive Mazatlan.

Rice is back with another zombie tale, this time as "The Zombie Show" a novella filled with undead goodness, covert action, sex, and violence. Gerald Dean Rice's previous zombie works "30 Minute Plan" and "Fleshbags" offer a unique spin on the zombie genre. "The Zombie Show" shows the after effects of a zombie apocalypse and how we as humans adapt.

Cole is the protagonist with a tragic history and Mazatlan is ruthless vile war monger thinking of only himself. Two characters on the opposite ends of the spectrum that provide enough entertainment, but the zombies are the star of this show.

The zombies in this tale are different than most. They retain some memories and the ability to have sex. Quiet an upheaval of the traditional zombies and one aspect of the story  I liked. Sure it over the top and at times absurd but in the end it's a fun time.