May 21, 2012

Room 415 by Edward Lee review

Room 415 by Edward Lee
Title: Room 415
Author: Edward Lee
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Format: Paperback
Length: 75 pages
Rating: * * *

AN ACCIDENTAL VOYEUR... Jack Flood has a problem that he's long-since given up trying to solve. He's a success in business but a failure as a man. He doesn't even care anymore...until he sees the open window in the hotel room below. The open window...and the woman... The door looks unassuming -- Room 415 -- but Flood knows what horrors rage behind it. Soon the sweat of his desire will be besmirched with butcher's blood, and the moans of passion will grind down to throat-ripping screams. Flood is about to walk hand in hand with the woman of his dreams, into the wide-open jaws of the lewdest nightmare, where love, longing, and desire collide with the unspeakable -- all in the middle of a night that bids the question: JUST HOW SICK CAN YOU BE? Knock on the door, and turn the knob, and step across the threshold of... ROOM 415

First off I must warn you, this is a disturbing book. Lee's detail in description makes the book unreadable at times. I like horror and disturbing tales but this really took me to my limit. Beyond the disturbing scenes rests a decent story about a successful businessman struggling with his manhood.

I bought several Edward Lee books along with "Room 415" so more reviews of Lee's work will come but not right away because I can only take Lee's disturbing details in small dosages.