March 14, 2017

Honger by @TerryMWest


Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: MorbidbookS
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Hunger knows no friend but its feeder…
Tarrytown, NY
Winter 1679
Willem Tenner is a God-fearing Dutch wheat farmer. After he and his family take in a half-dead old man that has come to their doorstep, a violent and gory nightmare that will last for an eternity begins.

Author Terry M. West unleashes a beast of a novella in "Honger". Published by MorbidbookS, this read comes in at a perfect length. Some novellas have a hard time finding the perfect balance in length. Some drag on more than  it should and others end suddenly without giving the plot the time to come to a conclusion. With this title, the author finds that balance and yet keeps the pace moving.

Willem Tenner is a Dutch wheat farmer from 1679. He and his family are visited by an elderly man late one winter night, This mysterious stranger unleashes a curse on Willem that instills an undying hunger in him. From this night on, Willem will embark on a journey through lifetimes only to feed the honger.

A word of warning for the squeamish. "Honger" is gory and bloody, but it's not just gore for the sake of it. The blood and gore aid in the storytelling. While the story isn't loaded with characters, the ones that are present are vital to the story and fleshed out.

At the beginning, I suspected this would be a tale of a man struggling to come to terms with the curse given to him. But with the appearance of a character later in the story, things take an interesting turn.(albeit not one for the main character)

Throughout reading this novella I kept picturing Willem looking like Logan from the X-men movies. Not sure why, but it aided in my ability to let the story play out like a movie in my mind.

Mr. West has nailed another tale that kept me entertained and scratched my it for blood and gore. If you haven't read anything from the author, I highly recommend you do so.