November 3, 2016

Raven: An E-Short Story by Amanda Lee

RAVEN: An eShort Story

Author: Amanda Lee

Publisher: Vicious Ink Publishing

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At thirteen, Raven Bain, who many thought was racist against his own people, became angry with revenge after he watched his mother take her last breath hanging from a tree. The crime was theft. She had stolen food to feed her children. It enraged him because the Mayor was involved.

The Mayor of Kosciusko, Mississippi was an African American man that hated anyone who didn’t play by the rules. Therefore, he took the law in his own hands whenever he felt he could get away with it. Everyone feared Mayor Austin and the repercussions he enlisted, and because of that, crime was low, until Raven decided it was time for them all to pay for their sin of killing his mother.

Raven’s mind was gone, and the crimes he committed were extremely violent. The lasting memory of his mother with a noose wrapped around her neck, fueled his desire to kill. No one was safe from Raven!

“Raven: an e-short story” by  author Amanda Lee is filled with rage and hatred. Revenge can consume you if it’s given a chance and the titular character rams himself head first into the gullet of revenge. Raven gives in to revenge. It consume and changes him into a living monster.

At first, I found myself feeling sorry for Raven and the circumstances of his childhood but his actions  as an adult are disgusting. I’ve never wanted a character to get killed or arrested more than Raven. (I hope the author’s intentions were to create an evil vile person.)

I’m originally from Mississippi, so reading a book that is set in the state was a welcoming surprise. Most of the story focuses on Raven getting revenge for his mother’s death and when he gets unleashed the pace quickens as he unravels.

This is a graphic story, with fould language, extreme violence, and brutal sexual situations. Some would classify this as suspense but to me it should be labeled as horror. Raven is a monster with an unfinished quest.

My biggest disappointment with the story was that the ending was abrupt and felt unfinished. I wanted to watch his downward spiral and hopefully his death or capture. If I would have known ahead of time that the story would be split into installments; I don’t think I would have been let down. Also there were two typographical errors but I have informed the author of these.

If you can handled the extreme violence, sex and language, Raven is story that will have your blood boiling and heart racing. This reviewer is eagerly awaiting the second installment ”Raven Unleashed”

4 skull rating(Average)