February 25, 2016

Succubus @wesjthomas


Available on Amazon on 2/26/2016

After awakening from a year-long coma resulting from a traumatic incident he cannot remember, Leon is haunted by an evil presence, stalked by a deadly predator, and tormented by senseless, unnerving flashbacks.
In order to stay alive, he must piece together his puzzle of memories to uncover the true horror that he is soon to face.

Mr. Thomas is back again to scare the shit out of you. Fear not though, as it's not all blood, guts, and gore. There are sincere, heart warming moments that unfold within the pages of "Succubus" but the dread lingers and surrounds you. Things do get messy and violent but not just for the sake of being violent. The author crafts a wonderful plot that isn't hinged on gore. Remove the violence and it would still be an intense story well worth reading.
I believe Mr. Thomas is stalking me. His stories consistently have elements that terrify me in real life. And within the pages of his fiction, he amps everything up that causes adrenaline to pump and nerves to rattle.
Do yourself a favor and grab this as soon as you can. It's a must read in my opinion and my favorite read of 2016 so far.

Wesley Thomas

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