February 23, 2016

Car Nex: Badlands @SKeane_Author @terrymwest

Car Nex: Badlands

Car Nex: Badlands is a novelette written by acclaimed horror author, Stuart Keane. Badlands imagines the Car Nex in the wild west, where cowboys meet hell beast. It is high noon as the law of a beleaguered little town, a pack of bloodthirsty bandits and the voracious sand storm known as the Car Nex prepare for a showdown.

Outlaws Morgan and Matthew find themselves in the clutches of Sheriff Bradley. There is a bounty on the boys head for the murder of an innkeeper and cattle hand. Disappointed that their bounty is lower than expected, the outlaws decide to become infamous. After blowing away the sheriff they decide to unleash hell on earth and become bigger than the biggest outlaws; they would become legends.
I'm no stranger to the hell beast that is Car Nex. A storm of hell,agony, and brimstone created by author Terry M.West; so I had a good idea that carnage would ensue. Up until now, the works of author Stuart Keane were not even on my radar. I didn't have any indication of his writing style and etc. In saying that, I believe Mr. Keane delivered an entertaining and believable story.
His characters are fun and yet gritty. The ability to set scenery and details of the surroundings added the depth needed to make the immersion into the wild west world possible.
Author Stuart Keane brings the Car Nex to the wild west for a fun, wild, and deadly ride on the hell beast. A must read for fans of Mr. West's demonic whirlwind of death or anyone looking for a fun read. I'll be on the lookout for more of Mr. Keane's work.