July 26, 2015

Turning Face @TerryMWest

Turning Face

Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc

Tojo Smith has a serious problem. He is the number one heel for a small wrestling promotion in Texas. He is also an earthbound demon and his mission is to inspire hatred in people. This is his service to the greater evil. But suddenly, the wrestling fans start to cheer for Tojo. He goes from the most hated villain of his promotion to the most cheered antihero. And no matter how loathsome his actions in the ring become, his popularity soars. When Hell notices this imbalance, Tojo is given an ultimatum: get the hate flowing again or be sent down into the fiery pits!

I have always been a fan of wrestling. I remember watching it with my grandfather as a child and as I grew older I submerged myself into the sport. Years passed and the business changed and I grew tired of the big companies story-lines and general staleness; so I quit watching. Enter author Terry M. West's Turning Face.

Turning Face places a demon in disguise into the wrestling business to spread hate. Tojo serves hell well as the ultimate heel in a local independent promotion. It's apparent as you read that Mr. West is a true fan of the sport and knows the inner workings of the business as well. While this is based on a wrestler, you don't have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this great read. It is full of action and horror that you expect from the author.

For fans of Mr. West, you will discover couple of familiar faces while reading which adds to the story and is a nice inclusion for people who have read his other works. It is a quick read that entertained me and ultimately got me back loving wrestling. If only the current promotions lived up to that of the story.