December 16, 2014

The House In Cyrus Holler by @davidbainaa

The House In Cyrus Holler by David Bain

The House in Cyrus Holler: A Will Castleton Adventure

Author: David Bain
Publisher: a/a Productions
Length: 78 pages
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Will Castleton, the slightly psychic detective, is never far away from danger. On a back road in Kentucky, Will and Samantha are thrust into peril after a blowout, but a quick glimpse of a hulking shadow sends Will into the ghost world. Here in Cyrus Holler, he will have to survive his toughest battle yet.

"The House in Cyrus Holler" also appears in "PIERCING THE DARKNESS", a charity anthology from Necro Press benefiting The Children's Literacy Initiative and featuring authors such as Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, F. Paul Wilson, Brian Keene, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeff Strand, Jonathan Maberry, Ronald Malfi and many more!

Author David Bain has penned several titles that I absolutely adore. The Will Castleton stories are some of those titles and with his newest entry to the series; he has provided a top notch and enthralling read.

With Will Castleton one expects a certain amount of danger to appear but the author tips the scales here and unleashes the true darkness onto the character. I never expected Castleton to go head to head with nasty beings like these. Sure, having him best psychos and serial killers I can expect but this just caught me off guard and blew me away.

I'm being vague on purpose as I think going into this story unaware of the opposition that awaits the hero adds to the overall enjoyment.

"A House in Cyrus Holler" is a hell of a read that everyone should read.

Five Skulls