January 8, 2015

The Hermit's Creep Pet @TerryMWest

The Hermit's Creepy Pet

Author: Terry M. West
The Hermit's Creepy Pet
Tommy summers is an aspiring writer struggling to put words to paper. On a snowy day, his struggle for inspiration is broken by his reclusive neighbor. His neighbor's plight may be just the spark Tommy needs to flourish as a writer.
From the spectacular mind of Author Terry M. West, comes "The Hermit's Creepy Pet" a short story first featured in his collection "What Price Gory?". It is the tenth book released in the Single Shot Short Story series. You might ask what's the difference between the two releases? This release features additional story notes and bonus material not included in the original release. These story notes give the reader a peek into the author's thought process and ideas for the story that may get edited and etc.
What I really like about "The Hermit's Creepy Pet" is that it takes such a legendary subject and puts such a terrifyingly spin on it that I can relate to.
If you have read it before in "What Price Gory?", I'd say go ahead and read this version as well because the extra notes added to the enjoyment for me.
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