August 6, 2014

Disease by @RealMonsterHaus

Title: Disease
Author: M.F. Wahl

The zombies have come, and the world as we know it has forever changed. In the wake of the apocalypse, pockets of the living fiercely fight what could be a losing battle against unending hordes of hungry undead.

In this nightmarish world Casey, a young woman armed with nothing more than a baseball bat and her courage, tries to keep nine-year old Alex alive. Alex doesn’t speak; seemingly trapped with his own thoughts. Casey finds it hard to tell how much he understands.

While searching for food they run into a patrol from a nearby settlement based out of what used to be a luxury hotel. The patrol’s leader, Danny, offers them shelter. Despite Casey’s misgivings, night is falling, and they are out of options.

They reach the hotel where they meet the settlement’s ruler, Lot, an older woman who seems matronly and tough in equal measure. She takes an immediate interest in Alex, and invites them to stay.

If only Casey could know what Lot has in store for them…

"Disease" is another entry into the zombie/apocalyptic subgenre. While it seems the market is over saturated with zombie titles,I cannot get enough. Most zombie titles rely on gore alone to entertain. It's the few titles that find a perfect balance of gore, characters, setting, and plot that hook me. "Disease" is one of those select few.

The author focuses on layered characters that have depth and remain realistic with a plot that while basic still holds strong. Scenes of gore are featured in this work, and while vividly described it's not the main drawing feature of the story.

Alex, Danny, and Lot are three intriguing characters that could carry their own stories and I hope they are developed and their pasts explored in the future book releases.

If you're a fan of zombie fiction be sure to check out "Disease: Book 1" when it's released September 18th 2014.