August 6, 2014

Interview with Author Terry M. West (@TerryMWest)

Terry M. West is one of my favorite horror authors and with each story the buzz increases as well his talents. With such works as "What Price Gory?" and his newest story "Heroin in the Magic Now" releasing at the end of August, he has something that will entertain every type of horror fan.

  • Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and welcome to The Geekdom of Gore.
  • You have "Heroin In The Magic Now" coming out August 31st. I have read it and must say it's my favorite story of yours. Do you consider it your best work yet?

I don't know if it is my best work to date. I would definitely say it is my most personal and raw. I also think it might be the darkest thing I have ever written.

  • I agree. It is a very dark tale. I felt sorry for Gary Hack throughout the story. You have announced that there will be a follow up. Can you share any info about the follow up?

All I can tell you right now is that it is shaping up to be a longer tale. I really don't want to give anything away, but there will be a fairly lengthy preview of the second book included with the first book. I will say that going into the second book readers might think the situation is brightening, but it is just the calm before the storm. It gets even darker for Gary Hack.

  • That is awesome news. Can't wait to check out the preview. Have you thought about turning your stories into movies. Or is that an option you're not interested in?

I don't have a current desire to produce or direct, but I have several filmmaker friends who have read my work. They know I am open to seeing my fiction adapted. Heroin in the Magic Now would make a great cable series, I am convinced. But I am not the one who needs convincing for it to happen.

  • I can see Heroin in the Magic now being on hbo or showtime.  I could also see Cecil and Bubba in their own movie. If you could have one of your characters as a partner during the apocalypse . Who would it be?

I would actually choose the character of Dr. Morgan. He is a genetically engineered army doctor in my futuristic tale, ALL OF THE FLESH SERVED. The story appears in the SILENT SCREAM anthology from BLOOD REIGN LITERARY MAGAZINE. it is available on Amazon. I will be turning the story into a novella next year. The story is set in an apocalyptic environment, and Dr. Morgan is one tough customer. I would choose him.

  • He sounds like a tough character for sure. Will we see anymore of Cecil and Bubba in future projects?

Yes, I will be writing a new novella, CECIL & BUBBA MEET THE BLOOD JUNKIE FROM BEAUMONT. It will be out next year. And then a few months after it comes out, I will be collecting all of the Cecil & Bubba tales and adding two prologue pieces to a collection titled SOUTHERN-FRIED HEX. I have a lot of plans for those two.

  • That is great news. Those two are hilarious. If you could give one piece of writing advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Revisions are the most important part of writing. When I was younger I seldom did more than one or two revisions on a story. Now I realize that the story doesn't come to life until I've done at least 12 passes on it. I actually enjoy the revising and tweaking. I hated it when I was a younger author. And I know many younger authors also despise it. But it is really important to go back over and over on the stuff and make sure you are  yielding the most you can from it.

  • I am finding revision to be tough as well but I know it will be worth it in the end. If you were told to choose only two horror books and movies to read and watch the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Books would be I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson. And THE STAND by Stephen King. Movies would be NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE.

  • Those are some great choices. Do you think self publishing will overtake traditional publishing in the future?

I don't know that it will overtake it, but I do feel that it will give voice to authors who would never be given an opportunity. The argument is made by very narrow-minded people that if you are not traditionally-published, you are not an author worthy of reading or you aren't as good as a traditionally-published author. And this is a ridiculous notion.

The comic book and film businesses have seen huge franchises burst forth from independent creators. I have been both traditionally-published and I have self-published my work. Honestly, I wouldn't turn down a huge traditional deal, but I am not ashamed to offer my own work, either. Pleasant Storm isn't a self-publisher, as I have stated in the past. Yes, I do have interest in the company but everything is still done by committee. And I can have items shot down, believe me.

  • I have heard some belittle authors who aren't traditionally published and I never understood the animosity. Before we wrap up, I'd like to thank you again for taking time for this interview and I'll let you finish up by telling the readers about your upcoming projects.

Well, HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW drops 8-31 and my anthology, JOURNALS OF HORROR: FOUND FICTION is due near Halloween. Thanks for the great questions!