August 4, 2013

Forbidden Texts

Title: Forbidden Texts
Author: James Newman,Rick Kennett,Bryce Stevens,Christine Cornell,Nicholas Knight
Edited By: David Bain
Publisher: a/a Productions
(Amazon: US/UK)
Format: E-book
Length: 155 pages
Price: $2.99

" From H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon to The Voynich Manuscript, from the Rongorongo artifacts to The Georgia Guidestones, from The Oerea Linda Book to The Book of Soyga, certain arcane writings, it seems, are not to be read - or at least not fully fathomed - by ordinary mortals.

The stories in Forbidden Texts, however, each dealing with a document from beyond the pale, are not only designed to be read – their contents have already proven their ability to creep into the shadows of one’s mind and linger, awakening dark visions, etching themselves into your memory.

While one of our narratives details a newly discovered work of outre erudition, three of the tales have been brought back to light from relative antiquity. Your humble editor and authors delved past the wards and sigils of obscurity, spelunking into the dungeons and mist-shrouded tombs of classic tomes. At long last we smuggled these forgotten manuscripts back from their time-eroded publications to be unleashed once more upon the waking world, our purpose to shock, thrill and entertain you anew."

 "Forbidden Texts" is a collection of stories from a group of talented authors. Each of the four stories were entertaining on their own, but two grasped a hold and wouldn't let me sleep until I finished. I'll mention those two stories briefly(while avoiding spoilers). Before I go into that I should list the other stories in the collection.

  • Introduction by David Bain
  • "Rookwood"  by Rick Kennett & Bryce Stevens
  • "An Uncommon Stew" by Nicholas Knight
  • "The Love of a Good Book" by Christine Cornell
  • "When Satan Sings The Blues( 13 Sinful Selections from a Little South o' Heaven)" by James Newman
 The first story that I found outstanding was, "The Love of a Good Book". Konrad Walpole is the ultimate 'bookworm' always on a hunt for a good book at a good price. He know that to find the best books you have to look not in bright and booming bookstores; no the best finds came from others who collected books out of love.
On one such trip, the bookish Konrad stumbles upon the book with it's tacky navy blue cover. He had never heard of the author or title, but a quick skim of the pages and Mr. Walpole was sucked into the tale. Konrad and his wife will find the new book to much to pass up.

I loved this story because I could be Konrad. I love looking, buying, and reading books. When I find the perfect book I'm glued to it till I finish it.

Up next is, "An Uncommon Stew". A reporter has the privilege of attending an elite charity dinner soiree  held by Grayville's wealthiest resident Randolph Brackenmire. The meal was to die for, but the stew was something else. Guests often taking seconds and thirds followed by sex and bizarre occurrences.

The reporter digs deeper and soon find that the wealthiest man in town is not what he seems and his plans for Grayville and soon the world are even more dire.

This story has a nice blend of action,horror and strangeness that I couldn't help, but fall in love.

Overall "Forbidden Texts" is a great read with creepy fabulous stories.