August 6, 2013

Brothers #500Words

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"Doctor Madison, glad you could make it in time." said Danny Myers, warden at Twin Falls Maximum Security Prison, as he ushered in Dr. Lizabeth Madison.

Myers picked up his pace to match that of the red-haired psychologist.

"Daniels did it. His last masterpiece is finished.", he said flashing three fingers to the guard manning the control room. With a metallic hiss, the door opened, revealing a small interior room.

 A metal chair and table bolted to the floor sat in the center. The remains of Landon Davis sat in the chair. Legs still shackled. Bits of gore and brain matter decorated the room.

"What happened here, Warden?", asked the Doctor shocked and dismayed at her patient's demise. Being careful not to step on potential evidence, she circled the room. The smell of death and copper overwhelmed her. Leaving the room she noticed the blood drenched the piece of paper on the table.

Myers, took her by the arm and walked her out. "I know what you are thinking. That is in fact his confession. I glimpsed over it, and everything is there. Location of the bodies, his motive, and his disdain for the real Landon."

Madison delved into the manila folder and shuffled through her files on Mr. Davis. He claims that he is the deceased twin of Landon and blames him for not surviving the birth.

Danny Myers ran his wrinkled hand through his thinning gray hair. "Dr. Madison. . ., sorry to interrupt you, but as for how he died; we have no clue."

She shook her head not knowing what to make of the death. Removing her wire frame glasses she turned to face the warden. "Can I see the letter?", she asked hoping that she would be allowed.

The warden's scowl turned upwards for a moment. "I knew you would want to read it. I can't let you touch the real paper, but one of the guards took a photo of it. ", he said handing her a clipboard with the photo attached.

Dr. Lizabeth Madison, took out her legal pad and jotted down the letter for her records.

Dear Brother,

We have gotten ourselves into another sticky situation here. You may deny my exist, but I'm as real as you are. If I were to let you out you would convince them of your innocence. You prevented me from being born. A dirty deed, Landon. I was your twin, your blood. As you grew, I did as well and deep inside I was planning my revenge.

Do you remember the barn, brother? The one you spent your childhood playing in and exploring. I made it my playhouse as well, but my toys were a real joy to toy with. I know you watched it all while being locked away; I wanted you too. All those lovely women provided inspiration for my art. The end is here.

"The teeth men use to savor sin will bring their end."

Rot In Hell, Brother