June 11, 2013

Hiding The Smile by @charlieboucher

Title: Hiding The Smile
Author: Charlie Boucher
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Format: E-book
Length: 276 pages
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Dame Arlington-Aird’s Academy is a place where the well off send their daughters to learn the intricacies of life and education. For some girls, it's a living hell, and Tammy discovered early on that pretending to be crazy was her only escape from the bullying.  Cole, new to the Academy, enters hiding a secret that she's eager to unleash.

"Hiding The Smile" is a debut novel and a good one at that. It focuses on bullying and how some attack what is apart from the norm. Tammy does what she must to avoid abuse; even if that means pretending to be crazy. Cole enters the picture and soon becomes a friend and protector to Tammy, but all is not so cheery with the bonds between friend. Cole's secret and how the author portrays her is creepy and effective.