June 5, 2013

Snow Day - a Novella by Dan Maurer @danmaurer

Title: Snow Day - a Novella
Author: Dan Maurer
Format: E-book | Audio Book

Length: 100 Pages
Price: $2.99

Every winter it starts with the horrible nightmares and has plagued Billy for thirty five years. Billy recounts a moment from his childhood that he cannot escape from.

Mr. Maurer's debut novella "Snow Day" is a throwback to the scary stories told by campfires of my youth. I've lived in the 'south' since birth and well I've rarely experienced a snow day, but reading through this novella transported me into Billy's world.

It is a quick read(read it in one sitting) with a thrilling pace and great characters. The ending is good, but halfway through I was able to predict the big ending reveal.

"Snow Day" is well worth the read and gets 5 skulls from this nerd!