April 12, 2013

Conversations in the Abyss by Michael Brooks @TheCultofMe

Conversations in the abyss
Title: Conversations in the Abyss(The Third Path)
Authors: Michael Brookes
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Format: E-book
Length: 142 pages
Price: $1.90

He stole Lazarus's gift of immortality, which combined with his ability to invade the minds of others, made him the most dangerous man in the world. Imprisoned deep within the walls of a monastery, he retreated deep into the recesses of his mind as an invisible fire scorched his body. It is here the Deathless man, discovers the apocalypse, and his role within it.

Before reading, "Conversations in the Abyss", I was unaware that it's the follow up to "The Cult of Me". Even though it's a sequel I was able to follow along with the story well enough with a few exceptions that I'll mention shortly.

The story is a bit mystery, biblical horror, and apocalyptic horror mixed into one. It weaves together many strands of side plots that in the end make for a good read.

My only complaint with this story, would be the opening pages where the author describes how the universe was created. It was confusing and verbose, and I almost stopped reading. I'm glad I didn't give up because it soon picked up and grabbed my attention.

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