March 25, 2013

VisDare 12: Waiting - The Chair

WLA nyhistorical 1805 mahogany chair
WLA nyhistorical 1805 mahogany chair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The Chair

A torrential downpour followed Tommy home. The ash tinged sky thundered, mocking his luck and life as of late. Drenched with tears from the heavens, he enters the house; flicking the lights on once inside.

Removing his jacket, he lets it fall to the floor in a  wet heap and proceeds to the mahogany chair in front of the sliding patio door. Elbows on his knees and  head in his hands he waits and prays.

"Come back, baby. I need you both."

Outside the tears of the deceased fall in unison with his own. The two crosses labelled Mallory and Molly weather the storm.

"I've done everything possible. The goat I sacrificed was the last option.", Tommy said to his dead wife and daughter.

With his attention focused on the graves outside, Tommy didn't notice the fleeting apparitions of his wife and daughter beside him.

They had returned, unnoticed.

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  1. Haunting and heartbreaking. Lovely work. Glad to see you back for another VisDare -- we've missed you! :)