October 31, 2012

Miltonia Butterflies by @MissyFrye #BuyIndie

Miltonia Butterflies
Title: Miltonia Butterflies
Author: Missy Frye
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Format: Ebook
Length: 1920 words
Price: $0.99
5 Skulls

Missy Frye, author of 'Abandon' and 'Fool's Journey', is back with 'Miltonia Butterflies'. Young Paz explores a garden and discovers a remarkable flower that she must share with her mom.

With a story like this, I'm afraid to discuss it in depth do to spoiling it. 'Miltonia Butterflies' is a endearing tale that will leave even the hardiest of men misty-eyed. Frye explores the innocence of children and the special bond between mother and daughter.

Sure I'm a horror nut but there are times where I like to read something a bit more pure and heartfelt. I wouldn't classify Frye's latest as pure drama as it does lean to the paranormal slightly.

No matter the genre, 'Miltonia Butterflies' is a hit and coming in at around twelve pages it is a quick read.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I'm ecstatic that you liked my story!