October 21, 2012

Infected by @vitka review #BuyIndie


Title: Infected
Author: William Vitka
Publisher: Graveside Tales
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Format: E-book
Length: 279 pages
Price: $2.99-E-book(Amazon)$12.99 via  Graveside Books
5 Skulls

The citizens of New York City are in for a surprise when a parasite turns humans into monstrosities that that exist only to feed on flesh and spread. Can a tabloid journalist and his friends save the city they love and prevent the parasite from consuming the world?

I'll be honest, after reading the synopsis for William Vitka's 'Infected' I was skeptical because lately I've read some bad zombie books(so bad that I didn't feel the need to review them.).

The cast of characters are a bit stereotypical, but by the end of the book you will have feelings for each one and they all serve a purpose. The plot mixes a traditional zombie tale with science fiction elements and both gel nicely creating an exciting experience.

Be warned, Vitka has a way with descriptions making some moments in the book vomit inducing. I read tons of horror and rarely do I get the urge to hurl while reading gory passages, but with 'Infected' I found myself pausing for minutes at a time to give myself time to digest what I had read; then I would reread the passage again to make sure I didn't over look any details.

Hands down Vitka's 'Infected' is my current pick for top zombie title of the year.