September 16, 2012

Visual Dare 22- Scattered

Visual Dare 22: Scattered photo source

Shrouded in black, he appears from the asphalt below clutching the briefcase, his mystic toolbox. Approaching the bungalow, Jared feels the burning in his legs and knows it is taking control.

"Forgive me father for I know not what I do."

His pale withered fingers try to loosen their grip on the handle but it's too late, the enigma is in control.

The sky turns to ash and the heavens respond sending severed feet, still encased in their shoes, plummeting to earth.

"Mementos of the past will not deter my calling."

Wading through the sea of severed feet, it moves on.

The above is my entry in the Visual Dare hosted by AnonymousLegacy. Each week you are given a prompt and must write a 100 word story based on the prompt.


  1. Grim and gripping. Vivid and well told. Another VisDare triumph!

  2. A downpour of severed feet. Now there's an image that makes a person want to yank a pillow over her head and whimper. :)

    Nice job!

  3. I agree with Kern! 'still encased in their shoes...' made my toes curl! :)

  4. I like that image of the sky turning to ash, gripping and intriguing...

  5. Vivid images throughout! Nicely done :)Love that opening sentence.