August 2, 2012

Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror by @davidbainaa review #BuyIndie

Title: Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror
Author: David Bain
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Format: E-book
Length: 415 pages
Price: $3.99

Brian and Iggy, best friends, have heard of all the ghost stories and urban legends surrounding Gray Lake but they never believed they would witness it firsthand. The ghosts infect their lives and others in the community, leading the reader on a  spine tingling journey.

"Gray Lake" is a true ghost story that has something for everyone. Romance,thriller,crime,and fantasy are covered to some extent. You would expect a mixture of genres like that to be convoluted but Bain's writing style combines the mixture perfectly leaving a great read. Another  facet of the story is the amount of intriguing characters and how their stories play out. If you are a fan of the supernatural, then read this book now; you won't be disappointed.

From this point  forward I'll be discussing some parts of the book, so:

Spoilers Warning(To read on click the read more link)

The characters were crafted well, my favorites being Iggy, Brian, Bull, and Maya. It was sad to see Iggy's downward spiral and I"m still wondering did the Queen  corrupt him or was it the drugs, or a bit of both. Stuckey was a bad role model for Iggy and add to it that Iggy was jealous of Brian and felt left out; it all erupted into a chilling climax.

I didn't like Rosie and found it hard to get her. Some part of me thinks she was the Queen , but I could be way off base .

I feel that Gray Lake would make for a great movie and if ever released I'd  snag a copy as soon as possible. If you have read Gray Lake by David Bain leave a comment and let me know what you think about it and my musings about the characters.