August 11, 2012

Flash Fiction Flourish - Week 4: Volunteer #FlashFiction

This weeks prompts are:
Flash Fiction Flourish: Week 4: Volunteer

The Volunteer 
"Have you heard about stranger going around town," asks Betty, as the stylist trims her graying hair, "He helps people with their unfinished tasks and then leaves without asking for payment."

Rachel remembers the report from the authorities telling everyone to report any sightings of the mystery man,

"Do they know what he looks like?," asked Rachel, flipping through an old 'Southern Living' magazine.

"They do now,", said Betty, taking a long drag off her cigarette and exhaling the smoke in short bursts," I took a picture of the young man when he offered to fix my window, such a gentleman; I came up with a nickname for him 'The Volunteer' .

Betty removes the picture from her wallet and hands it to Rachel. She stares at the Polaroid in disbelief.

"My God! That's my son, Henry, he passed away six years ago,", said Rachel, her lips trembling and weeping.

Flash Fiction Flourish is the brain child of Rosalind Smith-Nazilli. Each Saturday a prompt is posted and everyone is welcome to participate. The only rules are that the flash fiction no greater than 150 words and the word prompt must be included in the piece. The picture is there to inspire you as well.