August 12, 2012

26th #SatSunTails "The Witch" #FlashFiction


"The Witch" is my entry into 26th #SatSunTails contest. The rules are simple write a story within 150 words based on the given picture prompt along with the written prompt.

The prompts:
The following may be used as a sentence in your story OR provide a basis for it:-

   “embers ablaze”
And here is the picture prompt:

The Witch
"Youse guys all set,", asked the Don of the Calabrese family;his voice rich and full of anticipation, "youse knuckleheads betta not mess this up."

Biagio and Adelchi, the Don's go to guys, rarely made a mistake but this was out of their comfort zone. Adelchi, the youngest of two, snapped a photo of the woman with his phone; sending it to the boss.

"We got her all tied up and protected boss,", said Biagio, walking closer to the bound,gagged,and blindfolded woman, "We got her covered in gas and a mixture of those herbs you told us about."

"She's ready to be embers ablaze boss,", said Adelchi, poking her with a baseball bat, "Hope the devil welcomes that bitch with open arms."

"What youse guys waiting for,", said the Don, his voice echoing through the speaker phone.

The Don listened as his best men struck the matches; barbecuing the witch.
Words: 150

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  1. Pretty good little flash fiction piece here, I like it. The tension built up with so few words is a skill few have. Good job in setting it up and executing. Thanks for sharing with us!