August 7, 2012

08-07-12 The Dancer #Poetry @clynnbud1

This is the sixth link in the ongoing poetry chain between clynnbud1 and myself. The rules are simple. you must use the last line of the previous poems your first line. We have no set limit of how many poems we will do, instead we will keep going till we get tired.

The Dancer
(line in italics is from previous poem)

Hearts pound.
beggars stalk.
astounded as
she jiggles;
reenacting pleasure to
cover sadness.
She watches
them asphyxiate; in
a pornographic gumbo;
lost in temptation.

Clynnbud1 is an artist, writer, and one of the nicest sincere women I've ever known. She is a fan of 'Destination Truth' and other shows on the SyFy channel. Head over to Casey's Quill to check out her blog.