July 28, 2008


Lush tangled forest,
sour stench of death.
Sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers,
extinguished by my shaking hands.

I rest now in another time,
the last of that generation.
the smooth curves of this reality,harsh for these old world eyes.
a sterile existence,cold and sleek
mortality non-existent.

I lay in despair,
dreaming a putrid death
that will never come,
a curdled soul,living.

Presidents of yesteryear,reborn.
No shining sun to warm the soul,
a tragedy.
I lost it all,only to win it again,
to watch it slip hopelessly through my fingers.

Fiery bellowing explosions,splinter existence. I survive.
Brink of destruction,
humanity in shambles.

Emerging survivors arise.
Wounded,and walking
searching for hearts,bleeding.
One last fight, a group effort.

Stand and attack.
I'll fight the future,
redemption of the past
wash away,
my crimson stained hands.