March 11, 2008

Morning After Heartache

Blanketed in your scent,sleeping.
Alarm beckons,painful awakening.
Tears from heaven,litter the ground
Sun has not shown it’s face today.

A shower meant for two,now taken
by one.Reflections from the past
shattered and jagged by sorrow
In each breath,I inhale your scent.Filling

my lungs,the incubator,with
your essence.Hoping you return.
Once a home,now a painful
memory.The fragments of our love

scattered.A radiant storm,both of us.
a love entwined with happiness
cut like an old braided rope
Twenty-four hours,one long troubled day.

As long as you’re away,I’ll perish
a ripe peach on a humid day.
your love,the only drug I will need.
Angel that saved me time and again

Lost in a dream,you don’t exist.
My eyes betray,I’d rather be blind
Every second away from you,
is hell.
Pinch me,let it be a dream.