October 16, 2013

Tearstone @dday376

Tearstone by David L. DayTearstone
Author: David L. Day
Price: $3.00

A stone relic is unearthed in a small town stripping the citizens of their inhibitions, revealing the truth they hide behind their everyday masks. an old man is summoned upon the town as an old evil is about to be reborn. Can two brothers reunite after the death of their father, or will they be among the victims of the relic.

Tom Burton returns home for his father's funeral with hope of reuniting with his brother Kyle. Their relationship ragged and raw from Tom's departure after a tragedy involving the two. Kyle decides to sell their father's house without consulting Tom, which widens the gap between the brothers. In search of a reasoning behind his father's suicide, Tom finds a diary and a stone left behind by his father.

The stone is nothing but trouble. People who come around it begin to act in strange and horrid ways resulting in some fantastic scenes of craziness.

The author's imaginative kills and the characters make this a great read for any horror fan. With this being the first in a trilogy, I eagerly await the next installment.