September 21, 2017

Terrors That Tingle by @WesJThomas

Terrors That Tingle: A Collection of Short Horror Tales

Author: Wesley Thomas
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Want to experience terrors that make you tingle? From the British horror author that brought you the bestselling horror collection 'Nightmare Fuel' comes his latest collection of horrifying tales. From ominous messages, doll makers, transformational stairs, stage fright, crazy old ladies, malfunctioning elevators, and terrifying helicopter rides. This collection is a must-read for horror bookworms.

Terrors That Tingle is the newest collection from author Wesley Thomas, containing fifteen well crafted shorts that will entertain and keep you up late at night. The author is steadily improving and honing his skills with each release. Mr. Thomas does not shy away from the scares in his works and this collection is no different, If you haven't read any of my previous collection reviews. I prefer to go over some of my favorite stories within and give my opinions on those.

August 31, 2017

WYHRecap - Connar Frazier 08-10-2017 @withoutyourhead

Recap of Connar Frazier on
Without Your Head Horror Radio, 08/10/2017
by Vic Schiavone

Host Nasty Neal welcomed Connar Frazier, director of the upcoming documentary “The Babysitter”, to Without Your Head Horror Radio for a spellbinding hour-long interview.“The Babysitter” tells the story of the real-life tragedy of Nathan Forrest Winters.

Highlights included the following:

WYH: What is the documentary going to be about?
CF: ”The Babysitter” is about Nathan Forrest Winters, who is a former child actor. He was in “Something in the Basement” and “Clownhouse”. Both were directed by Victor Salva, who went on to do “Jeepers Creepers”. Nathan was molested for six years by Victor, and his career kind of went in the toilet afterwards. Victor’s Hollywood people (whatever you want to call them) blacklisted Nathan and he’s coming out now, it’s been thirty years, and he’s ready to talk about it and start raising awareness about pedophilia in the industry as well as everywhere else. So that’s what we’re doing.”

WYH: Was this more than an isolated incident and is this something that’s prevalent in Hollywood?
CF: “Oh, it’s very prevalent…There’s actually a documentary that just came out two years ago called “An Open Secret” which talks about it. It’s happened ever since I guess the dawn of Hollywood, and Nathan; it certainly wasn’t isolated. A lot of people (spread) this misinformation thing (that) it was a one-time inappropriate touching thing, and it really wasn’t. He knew Victor for six years, and this happened for six years. But of course that’s not something that really came up, especially in the trial. Victor really got off pretty easily. On a total of eleven counts…he was only convicted on four, and he ended up serving 18 months out of a three-year sentence in a rehab facility out in Napa Valley; no prison time.”

Terry M. West's NIght Things as a TV Series @TerryMWest


(August 31, 2017; Los Angeles, CA):
Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard’s Council Tree Productions (“The Chronicles of Ara,” “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato”) has acquired Night Things by Terry M. West to develop as a one-hour weekly horror/drama series.

July 8, 2017

WYH Recap: Gregory Lamberson 06/15/2017 @WithoutYourHead

Recap of Gregory Lamberson on 

Recap of Gregory Lamberson Interview

Host Nasty Neal Lee Jones welcomed American filmmaker and author Gregory Lamberson to Without Your Head Horror Radio.  Among the topics for discussion during an engaging 90-minute interview were his career, his cult classic “Slime City”, and his upcoming movie “Johnny Gruesome” that has been over thirty years in the making.

Highlights included the following: 

WYH:  Your latest movie “Johnny Gruesome” is soon to be coming out.  For people not familiar with the book, what is it about? 

GL:  “Johnny Gruesome is a high-school kid named Johnny Grissom, and he’s a heavy metal dude, and a horror fan, and a partier.  He goes out on a drunken joy ride with some of his friends, and he’s really pissed off because he’s been in a fight that day, and he’s been suspended, and his old man is giving him a hard time.  Things get out of hand and one of his buddies ends up killing him, and just as they tend to do in these situations the other kids try and cover it up and make it look like an accident.  And because he’s a horror fan, he comes back as a zombie of sorts to get revenge.  In truth, he’s an angry spirit who quickly realizes that as a ghost he’s impotent to inflict damage on people, and so he possesses his own corpse and puppets it.
And that’s his means of revenge.  He walks around looking like a decomposing zombie, and he has the wisecracks and stuff.  You know, we’re promoting it as based on this book that I wrote but in fact it’s a script that I wrote way back in 1984; it was the second screenplay I ever wrote, right after “Slime City.”