March 19, 2013

Wolf Hunter by @jl_benet

Wolf Hunter
Title: Wolf Hunter
Author: J.L. Benet
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Format: E-book
Length: 200 pages
Price: $2.99

Jack is a bear walker. a native shapeshifter with one goal, eradicate the remaining European werewolves, remnants of Hitlers Werewolf SS. When a college student and his friends discover how to make the device responsible for the transformation, Jack must protect his tribe's secret.

Mr. Benet's werewolf tale is entertaining. gory, and fast paced. I was expecting a bit more story bout the Nazi's and their experiments, but maybe that would have slowed the pace of the story too much.

In the version I read, there were a few typographical errors, but none were that bothersome.

Overall "Wolf Hunter" is a brutal werewolf story with a historic twist.