October 14, 2015

Chosen: Book III(Full Wolf Moon Trilogy) @KLNappier

Chosen: Book III(Full Wolf Moon Trilogy

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Alone, drugged and disoriented, a re-bitten David Alma Curar wakens to find he is at the mercy of Niyol, a self-styled Navajo sorcerer known as a skin walker. Yearning to bend a wave of fresh horror to his purpose, Niyol holds David captive and nurtures the Great Beast toward its Emergence.

Chosen is the third installment of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy and the author saved the best for last. David has been drugged and captured by a Navajo skin walker determined to bring the Great Beast to emergence. All The while, Doris, Max, and the rest of the hunters search for David; not knowing that a bigger threat is to blame for their friend’s disappearance.  The author crafts a chilling tale peppered with bits from the previous installments but still leaving the story accessible to new readers as well.

I’m by no means a history buff(couldn’t stand it in school) but the author’s ability to delve into actual historical facts within these books and yet have them work with the stories is masterfully done. In Chosen she delves into The Navajo Nation(The Reservation) during the 1950’s. An interesting moment in our history that adds more depth to the characters.

I have thoroughly enjoyed following the characters from the beginning and thanks to the author’s rich descriptions and prose I found myself getting into the minds of each character. Chosen is the best of the trilogy, but all three are great reads and shouldn’t be missed.