March 6, 2015

The Priors: To Kill A Priest Part 1 @westonkincade

The Priors: To Kill A Priest - Part 1

Author:Weston Kincade
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The universe is much larger than people think—with worlds spanning into infinity and human kind evolving into everything from vampires to the unknown. Are you one of these unlucky few? Madelin is, and the government black-op agency called PASTOR knows it.
 To free herself from their clandestine clutches, she will have to trust an unknown godfather… the only family she has left after the agency’s murderous tendencies. As she strives to overcome her medically induced amnesia, she and her newfound friends must test the limits of this world and break them. The government has secret plans for her future if she remains… but will the next world be any better? - synopsis from
"The Priors: To Kill A Priest" is the first part in a fantasy/paranormal series by author Weston Kincade. It's set in a universe where there are worlds and different dimensions where human kind has evolved into all different things. Madelin is imprisoned by PASTOR a black-op group using and abusing kids with special talents. It is up to Jedd, Madeline's Godfather, to rescue her from the groups grasp.

The author's ability to craft beautiful worlds and engaging characters is at work in full force. From Madeline's struggle to overcome her amnesia or her and Jedd's battle against PASTOR's henchman; there is a ton going on and plenty to discover and explore. The plot and pacing of the action is steady and leads the reader to an uncertain conclusion. Are Madelin, Jedd, and their friends able to escape PASTOR or will they become victims?

Originally "The Priors: To Kill A Priest" was released in episodes and later compiled into one book. Overall, The tone an characters featured in the story and a plot that spans a multitude of worlds appealed to me. While not solely horror, the author does a tremendous job combining genres to form a cohesive and enjoyable read. Stay tuned for my review on the follow up "Part 2- To Kill An Assassin".