August 13, 2014

Heroin In The Magic Now @TerryMWest

Title: Heroin In The Magic Now
Author: Terry M. West

HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW takes place in an alternate version of NYC where every form of monster exists next to man. Gary Hack, a down on his luck porn director with an appetite for heroin, finds himself working in the dangerous world of monster fetish videos.

Gary is made an offer he can't refuse by Johnny Stücke, an immortal crime boss. The video Johnny envisions could be the greatest zombie fetish film ever created. But it could also ignite an apocalypse that could destroy the city.

Author Terry M. West has created an unnerving horrific masterpiece. From the opening lines to the final sentence, the characters and the world lingered long after I finished reading. The author used his past as a fuel for this raging tale and it pays off big time. Never have I read a story where I emerge feeling dirty yet enthralled; wanting more.

Gary Hack is a complicated character that I despised and yet felt remorse for. He just wants to make great movies and be respected by colleagues and fans alike, but his addiction has a firm grip and refuses to let go. He, the seedy setting, and secondary characters all belong within the pages of the tale and nothing seems out of place or contrived.

Fans of Mr. West's work or newbies alike will be hard pressed to find a better reading experience than Heroin In The Magic Now. It's a must read and I can't recommend it enough.