August 26, 2014

Gruff123 by @DSULLERY


Author: D.S. Ullery
Length: 9760 words
Price: Free

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a sadistic high school bully seeking revenge against the anonymous individual who humiliated him online gets much more than he bargained for when he discovers the horrifying secret behind the screen name Gruff123.

Gruff123 is a short story that deals with school bullying. It hits a familiar tone with all the the school shootings and the much needed spotlight on bullying that is going on. The author's method of dealing with the bully in this story is a gory, effective, and entertaining.

His writing style is easy to follow with vivid descriptions and good characters. While Gruff123 has a suitable moral I wouldn't recommend letting younger children read this as it has violence and adult themes.

For horror aficionados like myself, I highly recommend reading this story. The author is one to watch as he has the skill and potential for big things.