June 1, 2014

Midnight Meat @WithoutYourHead

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Midnight Meat

"Fuck the city.", Edwin Smith swore out loud, not caring one bit that the other occupants heard him.

Seated next to an older white man dressed in filthy rags and smelling of city's sewer system was about to do him in. He missed the cool breeze of the air conditioner in his personal car and his ever so observant driver. Taking the bus was out of Edwin's vocabulary when it came to traveling. His driver Miles would usually drive him to the meetings, but today he sided with secrecy and took out on his own.

"'m a millionaire, damn it! I can do this.", he thought, before depositing the correct change and boarding the bus.

Now he was questioning the decision, as fumes of days old piss and liquor radiated from the old boozer to his right. Taking a white silk handkerchief from his shirt pocket. Edwin covered his mouth and nose and leaned away from the man. In the seat, across the isle sat a midget. Dressed in a black tuxedo, and top hat with a red bow tie, the Mexican munchkin smiles revealing a set of gold teeth.

"What is this world coming to, mister?", he said tipping his hat toward Edwin.

Unnerved at the site of the small fellow, he leans back in his seat and places the handkerchief into the shirt pocket.

"If I was in charge I'd sentence all the hobos to death.", said the small stranger looking to start a conversation with Mr. Smith.

All Edwin wanted was to get off this bus and return home, but his stiffening groin reminded him why he came to the city in the first place. Vera Lee.

Unlike his wife she embraced and loved his company, but most of all Vera would let him do anything to her. Of course, he was married and he knew she was fucking the gardener or the pool boy; or possibly both. To keep his money safe, he stayed in the marriage and did his best to hide all of his indiscretions. All his wife needed was an inkle of suspicion and the prenup would take care of the rest.<\p>

"Sir, I can tell you're a man of expensive and exotic tastes. You like pretty women, si?", the midget was starting to get on his nerves, but he wasn't wrong. If it was exotic, Edwin wanted to buy it, taste it, or fuck it.

"That's true.", he said. Looking over to his left he gave the strange fellow another once over. Something was odd about this little guy, but he figured it was his unfamiliarity with midgets that had his arm hairs on end.

"I'm headed to one of my exotic female friends,now. It's one reason I come to this hell hole.", Edwin said pointing out the window at a homeless couple having sex on the sidewalk.

The stranger took a business card from his pocket and handed it to his new friend. Turning the card over, Edwin noticed 'Midnight Meat' in bright red letters and a silhouette of a dancing female.

"What's this?", asked Edwin.

"That's my club, sir. We offer exotic entertainment and women for a price. We are open 24/7 and I'm sure we have something you would like.", he said.

Edwin sat back in his seat. The remainder of the ride, he examined the card turning it over in his hand and head. Vera would miss him tonight, but this midget and his club had piqued his interest. He turned to ask the stranger a question, but the midget was gone. The bus hadn't stopped since their conversation so the little guy couldn't have exited.

"Excuse me, driver. Did you let a midget off the bus?", he asked, but all he got in return was a look of confusion.

"Well then, could you make a stop at 126 Leigh Drive please." this time his question was answered.

"It's coming up, pal.", said the driver looking at Mr. Smith through the rearview mirror.

Standing behind the line he waited for the bus to stop and the doors to open. Stepping out he noticed a boarded up neglected building and quickly regretted his decision. Before he could get back on the bus it had sped off to its next stop. Without anywhere else to go he walked closer to the building and noticed a small sign on one of the boarded up windows.

'Knock twice to meet the meat'

A quick double knock resulted in a door to his right opening. The top hat stranger met him with a golden smile.

"Welcome to Midnight Meat!", the host's voice reached a squeal like a rhesus monkey. Edwin placed an index finger in his ear to stop the ringing.

Edwin admired the inside of the club. Dark, cool, and filled with naked women. The stench of cum and sweat filled aroused every desire he had ever had.

"How much and what are the rules?", he asked.

The host held up one stubby finger. "One rule, sir. No biting. And for the price; there's no charge to sample our exotic offerings."

Walking through the club, the host following at his side, Edwin explored the playground. Cunts of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicity were present. Others were fucked and whipped on stage. What caught the hard up millionaire's attention the most. Rows of tables sat along the wall. Women sitting on plates on the edge of the table with legs spread offered up their best.

"That's the pussy platter.", the midget said having to raise his voice over the throbbing techno music. "Pick your variety, take a seat, and enjoy."

Edwin spotted a voluptuous redhead exposing her tight pink cunt. Without wasting another moment, he takes a seat in front of the platter and goes to work.

Face deep in his delicious pussy platter, he could care less what was happening around him. The lights dimmed and the music blared, but he dared not stop. Using his tongue he explored every inch of the strangers cunt savoring all the juices. Screams from deep within the club erupt. First a solitary scream soon joined by multiple harrowing screams each getting closer to Edwin.

Pulling his face away from ecstasy, he looks around and his stunned. Two pink slimy tentacles are attached to the guy next to him. One is stuck deep in his mouth and the other had enveloped the man's cock. Each one sucking and slurping, draining the poor soul till he's nothing but a husk. Around him the other men were experiencing the same and he knew this was bad.

Edwin falls back in his chair and clamors to his feet with only one thing in mind. Escape. One last look behind him proves fatal as his personal pussy platter also sprouted the pink mucous tentacles. One forces itself down his gullet as the other unfastens his trousers and latches on his swollen penis.

Laying in pain as the monstrosity sucked him dry. Edwin had only one thought.

'Whatever this is, it knows how to suck a dick.'