April 30, 2014

Carnacki: The New Adventures

Carnacki: The New Adventures

Editor: Sam Gafford
Publisher: Ulthar Press
Authors: William Meikle, Josh Reynolds, P.V. Ross,Robert Pohle, Fred Blosser, Robert E. Jefferson, Buck Weiss, Charles R. Rutledge, Jim Beard, Amy K. Marshall, Robert M. Price, M.J. Starling
Versions: E-book Paperback

The adventure begins with an invitation to dinner and a story and, for over 100 years, readers have accepted that invitation from Carnacki, The Ghost Finder.

Since his first appearance in 1912, William Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki has continued to thrill and amaze. Armed with his scientific apparatus of cameras and the ever-present ‘electric pentacle’, Carnacki has investigated cases of hauntings and terror both contrived and real!

Collected here are 11 new stories, and one play, featuring Carnacki and his ‘new adventures’! In these tales, he comes face to face with forces from the ‘Outer Monstrosities’ as well as numerous specters and evil curses. Danger and death are Carnacki’s companions and there are things that even the legendary SaaaMaaa Ritual cannot dispel. Thrill to these new stories of a character who has entranced readers for a century and, hopefully, a century yet to come!
I'll admit it. Until reading this collection, I was unaware of the character Carnacki and for that I'm slapping myself. 'The Ghost Finder' is a wonderful character steadfast in his ways and at times unpolite. Always present by his side are cameras and his own invention the 'electric pentacle', which help him in his battles against other worldly beings and apparitions.

Each story begins with a dinner invitation from Carnacki and after a generous meal the guests and himself enjoy drinks and smokes as he recounts his adventures. Each author brings a different take to the character, but all stories present the character as he has always been. Also each one is rich in Lovecraftian atmosphere.

Usually with collections I'd go through each tale and rattle off my favorites, but with this collection I found all the tales, enjoyable to read. For fans of Carnacki The Ghost Finder or newbies to the character "Carnacki: The New Adventures" is a must read.