March 25, 2014

WYH presents Marc Blackie - March 27th @withoutyourhead

Without Your Head Horror Radio is my go to horror related podcast hosted by Nasty Neal and Annabelle Lecter. They along with Terrible Troy and Duckman never fail to bring quality entertainment. Ranging from awesome interviews from horror greats such as Bill Moseley, Lawrence Harvey, and many more.

Thursday March 27th 9PM EST 6PM PST  will feature an interview with Marc Blackie, erotic photographer and filmmaker. Also on the show, Strange Nocturnal(WYH Artist of the Month and creator of the WYH theme song) will stop by for a chat.

 Call in 1 (508) 413-3144 or Skype WithoutYourHead or chat with the crew as the show goes on via  the WYH facebook Group or go listen live on March 27th 9PM EST | 6PM PST

Be sure to check out their website where you will find the archive of past shows, news, convention updates, forums, and episodes of Dinner & a Movie.

If you need more evidence of how much the show kicks ass,then check out their interview with Srdjan Spasojevic, director of "A Serbian Film".