February 14, 2014

Six of the Best: A Hellish Half-Dozen @KevinGBufton

Six of the Best: A Hellish Half-Dozen

Author: Kevin G. Bufton

Publisher: Cruentus Libri Press

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Price: $2.99


Six of the Best: A Hellish Half-Dozen is the stunning debut collection from horror writer Kevin G. Bufton. Walk with him, through the twisted corridors of his mind, as he leads you into the dark places, where no soul is safe, nobody can be trusted, and nothing is as it seems.

I adore short story collections. No where else can you find a myriad of stories that run the gamut of plot, setting, and characters bundled into one book.

Today I’m reviewing “Six of the Best: A Hellish Half-Dozen” by Author Kevin G. Bufton(Editor of several Cruentus Libri Press Anthologies). In this collection, the author has chosen what he believes are his best stories.

The six stories are:

  • Mother’s Milk

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, a mother will do what she must to protect her baby.

  • The Shoot

A wrestling journalist gets the chance of a lifetime; he will be the first to interview the Masked Marauder, a reclusive masked superstar. He learns a secret that the mysterious grappler has kept for centuries. Previously published in LuchaGore: Scares from the Squared Circle.

  • 53 Minutes

It takes 53 minutes to transition from death to the reanimated dead. This story set in the same universe as “Mother’s Milk” focuses on a doctor studying the transition.

  • Roots

A father and son are under siege by a murderous tumbleweed!

  • The Wren

A boy discovers the men of his community during one of their secret meetings. He is honored and ecstatic when asked to join them, but the men have more in mind that celebrating Christmas.

  • Hooked

Set in the mid 19th century. A ship captain unexpectedly unleashes a zombie aboard his ship.

All six stories are well crafted and horrific in their own special way, but "Mothers Milk" is straight up fucked, twisted, brutal, and yet beautiful. After reading this story, I had nightmares for three nights each focusing on the horrendous visual imagery the author used in this short. The crazy thing is that I have read that story several times since and each time I have crazy nightmares.

“Her black tongue whipped out and around with unnatural speed, catching the bluebottle before it had a chance to escape. She drew it into her mouth and, whilst she stared at her mother with sightless eyes, her jaw spasmed and Sarah heard the wet, gristly squish as Baby began to chew on the insect.” - Excerpt from Mothers Milk

With this collection of stories, the author provides tales fit for any horror fan and is a must read.

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