February 6, 2014

My Favorite Women of Horror:Katherine Isabelle @Katie_Isabelle‎

In honor of  Women In Horror Recognition Month, I'll profile my  favorite women of horror.

Katherine Isabelle

courtesy of www.ginger-snaps.com
A Canadian Actress, best known for her role in the Ginger Snaps trilogy. She has also starred in Freddy VS. Jason, American Mary, many different tv shows, and she will be in the new season of Hannibal on NBC.

She first caught my eye in Ginger Snaps. She plays the oldest sister and victim of a brutal attack that soon begins to changer her. The other two Ginger Snaps movies were good but they don't surpass the first one.

I actually wasn't too fond of her role in Freddy Vs. Jason even though she did a great job. Haven't gotten around to watching American Mary but it's on my must watch list for sure. Hopefully Katherine Isabelle will continue to star in horror films and maybe become a top scream queen?