September 14, 2013

Toby #FlashFiction


"Oh my God! Toby what have you done." Hands covering her mouth, Susan stares at her six-year-old son.

The gun rested heavily in his trembling hands causing the snubbed nose revolver to sway.

"Give the gun. Come on, baby let me have it."
Toby paid her no attention, instead his emotionless stare focused on the two corpses. His father,Richard, lay crumpled along side of Jojo; the family's favorite canine companion. They merged as one in death as the two blood types puddled together.

Susan tries to placate the youngster through her stinging tears. "Why would you do this, Toby?"

Her blond-haired bundle of joy turned to her, centering his aim. The corners of his mouth turn upwards.

He was smiling. The little shit was enjoying this, she thought to herself. Anger washed over filling her with rage.

"Give me the damn gun! Look at what you have done." She wanted to rush forward and put a stop to it, but his aim still remained.

Toby startled his frightened mother by speaking .

"We were witness to your transgression and reached judgement. The adulterous whore must suffer for her sins." The guttural voices of many spoke through her son.

Susan tried to explain,but Toby's shaking hands stopped as he turned and placed the barrel of the gun to his forehead.

"Help me momma!"

The pistol firing muffled his cry.

Seconds slowed to a crawl as Susan watched the bullet enter her son's head and blood and gore erupting as it made its exit.