June 20, 2013

The Green-Eyed Monster by Mike Robinson(@MikeSkunkApe)

The Green-Eyed Monster by Mike Robinson
Title: The Green-Eyed Monster
Author: Mike Robinson
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Format: E-book
Length: 240 pages
Price: $4.99(Kindle)

Martin Smith and John Becker are accomplished authors with an extraordinary talent. Born on the same day, same time, and same town; the boys grew up together rivals at heart, but one thing they shared was 'Grandfather'. The small town of Twilight Falls is not ready for what the two budding authors will bring.

Author Mike Robinson, weaves a tale that spans several genres. It's an engrossing tale that begins with the investigation into a murder. Flashbacks are used well to describe the childhood of  Smith and Becker. Mr. Robinson's writing and use of dialog are perfect as are the characters. Where "The Green-Eyed Monster" falls short for me is the 'Grandfather' entity.

It(or he) is brought up multiple times and then never talked about in depth. While the boys special bond is unique and the focus of the story, you can't bring up this entity(from which the boys are tied to) and not give the readers some insight on what it is and etc.

I'm not saying it's a terrible story(It's not.), but in the end I felt a bit underwhelmed with the ending and lack of explanation of 'Grandfather'.

I'll be sure to check out the author's other works in the future.

Link to Mr. Robinson's other books:  "The Prince of Earth" and "Skunk Ape Semester"