September 22, 2012

Visual Dare 23: Peeking

Death Mask

"What's wrong now,Dupree?" Michael contorted his body to look out from the fireplace to find his contractor, sledgehammer resting on his shoulder.

"It won't come down, Mike. I've tried a jackhammers and sledgehammers but the wall won't budge." He was a big man and Michael knew if he couldn't take it down, then something was off. Pulling himself out from the fireplace he reached out for a helping hand.

"It's the curse of 'The Death Mask' " Dusting off his jeans, Michael walked toward his friend, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Leave it, we will work around it."

The above is my entry in the Visual Dare hosted by AnonymousLegacy. Each week you are given a prompt and must write a 100 word story based on the prompt.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. This one certainly has the feel of a longer story -- would like to know what magic or curse keeps the wall in tact, and whether "working around it" will work, or only make circumstances worse. Deliciously ambiguous. Well done!