August 9, 2012

Midnight Snack #ShortStory

Midnight Snack

The soaked streets underneath a full moon created reflections and light shows that fascinated Darren. Behind the wheel of a nineteen-ninety Ford Ranger, he cruised the streets looking for his next meal. Being one of the many, sunlight deficient sufferers around the world, he lived at night and once a month he had to satisfy a special craving.

Traveling across the main strip in town, he noticed a McDonald's and pulled in hoping he would not be the only one out at midnight. To the left of the drive through he noticed an elderly white man injecting himself with heroin.

Stopping the car, Darren exited pulling the black trench coat up and fastened the buttons.

"Excuse me mister," he said, extending his arms out and palms up, "Would you like some more of that candy you're injecting into your veins?"

The homeless man smiled and loosened the belt from his arm.

"Get in the back, and you can have all you want," said Darren helping the man into the backseat of his car.

Darren enters behind the junkie and closes the door.

"I'm sorry my friend; you have wasted your life away," he said, grabbing the man by the hair and pulling him closer; sinking his teeth deep into the skull.

Darren finished consuming the junkie's brain and exited the vehicle.

"I'm loving it," he said, disappearing into the moonlit night.

Write4Ten I wrote the above using the setting prompt from Write4Ten. Where you are given a prompt and must write for ten minutes.  
PROMPT: McDonald's at Midnight [setting] 
Who would be at McDonald's (or any fast food restaurant of your choice) at midnight? What would they be doing? Sounds, smells, people...


  1. I did wonder where you would go with this, but didn't think brains!!! Just great :)