July 19, 2012

Over and Out #ShortStory

Picture prompt # 3 from the horrifically horrifying horror blog
My attempt to break out of my writing slump. Thanks to The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog for providing the awesome picture prompt. Please leave me some feedback, while this was just an exercise any and all feedback will help with future writings. 

Over and Out
I awake to the stench of death in the darkness of night. My hands and feet bound by chains stretched out and connected to two big rig trucks on the side of the road. Hovering above the road I'm helpless, a midnight snack for a mechanical spider. The harsh metallic smell of copper draws me away from the chains. Two bodies next to the truck (on the right) lay crumpled and mangled; certainly dead.

Could it be Brittany and Missy?

Where are they ?

In fact just where in the hell am I?

So many questions, with nothing but the night to respond.Headlights flick to life illuminating the area. Derelict warehouses dot the landscape with eight-teen wheelers parked alongside the road. In the distance, a truck growls to life and the lights grow larger. The spider has spotted its prey.

What could have happened to lead to this? My friends dead with me soon to follow.

What have I done to deserve this?

I'm no angel; I've cheated,lied,and stolen but to die this soon and like this?

Shaking the chains in protest and in hopes of releasing myself, all I do is dig the binds deeper into flesh. It's hopeless. The roar of the truck is deafening, I'm staring into the stark white light,accepting my fate and begging the Lord for forgiveness.

Death never comes, neither does forgiveness; instead I'm greeted with a surprising sight. The truck sits idle, lights still blinding as my friends Brittany and Missy rise from the dead.

I lose control of my bladder and quickly lose consciousness.

It's been weeks since that horrible night, a terrible prank by my friends that I relive every day. Doctors say the medicine will help and soon I'll be able to go home, but I know that this windowless room will forever be my sanctuary.


  1. Im no expirianced writer but I love to read and make short stories. This was a unique story. I never saw this ending coming and to be honest I wish you would make a part two and mayne write about her telling the story to a therapist or something so we understand what happened before and how she got there? (:

  2. Actually there were a couple lines that I edited out that delved a little deeper into her talking to the therapist. I cut them in the end because it didn't seem to fit.

    I have a few ideas of how I could continue the story , so thanks for bringing it up :) will all it to my to-do list.

    thanks again. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.